Friday, April 03, 2009

House Arrest

Because I was not doing my homework, I had to put myself under house arrest for tonight, even though there was someplace I really wanted to go. Also, I am grounded tomorrow night too. I have a 25 page paper due Monday, and because of a million reasons (mostly hatred of subject and professor, partly being distracted by hotmail [explain that joke later]) I procrastinated like crazy. For the past two weeks, I had a whole 3 pages of it done. Tonight I wrote another 7, so I am up to 10. I decided to just babble throughout the paper. It is not academic, it is crapademic (as my brother would say). No, it wishes it were crapademic. Words you will find in this paper (since I must stick with my tradition of strangeness, but there is little context in this paper for these words. Mostly, I just hate this and decided that it is my own special way of giving the bird to a professor who is going to fail me because I lack her enthusiasm for the subject matter):
props, cunt, hymen, deflowering, construct.
Did I mention I have to read this paper out loud to the class? I'm hoping that it both pisses off the professor and gets D* riled up enough to interrupt with some lewd comments. Did I mention the other night I dropped the syllabus for this class on my bedroom floor? That's not the good part. The good part is that my cat was in my room, and of all things for her to piss on, she peed on that syllabus. I should tell the teacher, "Even my cat hates you."

About that one of the classes D* was giving out his email address to someone and the girl looks at me, rolls her eyes, and goes "Let me guess, it's hot male". She had me laughing so hard I thought I was gonna cry. Well...I know, it isn't his fault he's the only good-looking guy in the room (other than the Harrison Ford-look alike professor). The funny thing is, his mail is hotmail.

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