Friday, February 20, 2009

luscious agony

I am not going to give every last detail of my night.
But I am smiling and not really wanting to sleep...oh, woot! I just remember tomorrow is a delayed opening at work!!! I can be up without guilt.

I sorta had a date, which was more like hanging out, which was more like torture for me. Maybe what I did was stupid, or maybe it was really smart...I can't figure it out. Risky, is more like it. In a way, it was good for me to push the see if I really could trust somebody. I don't mean emotional trust. I mean the kind of trust required when one goes to someone's apartment without letting anyone else know. And trust that I could handle myself if anything turned sour. I had my magical boots on, and never had to use them.

This is not about self-defense. This is about me trying to get a piece of ass. A fine piece of ass.

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