Tuesday, January 09, 2007


the short story
I had fun.

the long story

My last block class was hell today, and so afterwards, I was determined to make the rest of my day feel like life is worth living. I got a ton of neat stuff at the post office, including a zine that Erin made especially for me (as well as a whole box of goodies from her including chocolate, hello kitty candy, a bumpersticker, a postcard, zines, and a turtle. Did I leave anything out? Oh, and pin up girls). Justine sent me a zine book! I got a lovely letter from Roni, who has beautiful handwriting, by the way (Roni, I'll respond to something you brought up in the letter...later...). I went to Target and got myself new underwear, pink kitty socks(!), and a new purse, and some barrettes.

When I finally got home, I got an email from D* who said he was gonna call me this weekend but "didn't". Turns out he did call, but the male voice on the answering machine threw him for a loop. So, I called him today and we made plans to meet at the bookstore. Yes, I went out of my way to try and look fly, and I put all kinds of smeary black eyeshadow on. No, Karl, I am not a slacker of a student who would blow off class (even a bad bad class) to go on a date. My professor is out of the country this week, so I didn't have class. And as I've been saying, it's a damn shame she doesn't stay out of the country.

So, I get to the bookstore early (of course) and grab a bunch of anarchist and anti-war magazines, because we need appropriate material to be reading for when my army date comes in. ha ha ha. I go to get a scone and soda, and who do I see working there but this chick who used to read poetry all the time at the bookstore in Manchester. We used to hate each other. It was strange, because I was sincerely happy to see and talk to her, and she sounded the same way. It's like an 8 year old grudge match dissipated entirely. So, I take my food and get reading about why military is bad, and in comes my buddy D*. I thought we were just gonna hang out there, but no, he actually wanted to take me someplace.

I"m not a huge movie-watcher, but I said,well, movies would be fine. (I was really looking for an excuse to grope him in the dark, but shush). So, he drives...which means...I got to ride in a Mustang convertible. Hardcore. Yes, it's red. We decided to watch Hunter, because well, it was a toss up between that which was described as "bloody violence" and another movie that just had "violence". We go up to pay, and this couple behind in line gave us free movie passes. Hardcore!!! Watched movie...will spare the details, though nothing really happened, except I finally got to thrill somebody with my gun and knife and brawl stories. Then we went to a bar (!) and talked for a few hours. The bar-lady kept bringing him more beers even though he said only one, and I only had a water. When he gets the bill, they only charged him for one. I did too threaten to slap him just on principle if he mentioned that they undercharged him.

Anyway...I learned a few interesting things. Such as, a few classmates asked D* if he and I were like boyfriend and girlfriend. How cute is that?
And, he got booed off stage while singing in a karaoke bar with my professor...at a gay bar on drag night, in Provincetown.
Okay, that's more than anyone needed to know. The point is, I wish I could spend more weeknights like this instead of in that hell ren class trying to keep my eyes open. Oh yeah, and I had fun for once.

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